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How to Deal With Debt Collectors 


Overwhelming debt can be stressful and overwhelming. But when the calls start coming from debt collectors, our Columbus-based debt restoration company has learned that this can increase your anxiety even further. There are some things you can do to manage these conversations and respond appropriately to their demands.

  1. Open communication. Being willing to speak with a debt collector is a big step in resolving your debt. It is sometimes beneficial to reach out to creditors first or to respond promptly to calls and letters. Take a proactive approach to dealing with collections.
  2. Our debt restoration company in Columbus, OH highly recommends dealing with debt collectors by keeping information organized. Often, there may be a clerical error or an uncredited payment. Know the facts about what you owe and be able to explain the details.
  3. You have rights and you need to know what debt collectors can and cannot do. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act outlines your rights so you know what the collection agency can’t do, such as threatening to make your debts public or to seize property not related to the debt. Become familiar with your rights and you will feel more comfortable with your interactions with a debt collector in the Columbus area and beyond.
  4. Know the limit. Debts have a statute of limitations. Depending on your state, this could be 3-10 years after your last payment. Once that statute has passed, you are under no obligation to make further payments.
  5. Respond immediately and appropriately to any court summons if a debtor sues you for non-payment. It could cost more in fees and garnishments if you fail to appear.
  6. Settle the debt. Many agencies will discuss a settlement since they now own the debt. If you are able to, make a reasonable offer to settle the debt. Many are willing to set up a payment plan. This is also where being proactive and communicating openly might be in your favor if the agency finds you willing and cooperative.


If you need help from a  debt restoration company in Columbus, OH on how to deal with debt collectors, reach out to People First Credit Restoration now. We can help you get back on track.

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